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We're STEMpump, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a global learning platform for contribution, collaboration, and expression. All for free.

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For students, by students

Wait, students made this?

STEMpump is 100% student-led. Like completely student-led. Student content, student curation, the whole package. We're taking the ways we learned, and giving everyone access.

Peer Learning

The process of peer learning promotes learning outcomes that aren't achieved through traditional learning styles.

Improvement in Scores

Students involved in peer learning see around a 6% increase in grades, rather than traditional instructor-led teaching.

Education for all

We invest in low-resource communities, creating definite educational solutions for all.

Say good bye to

Crazy Paywalls

STEMpump is FREE. Zero, zip, nada. No more paywalls to learn that one thing. We want to bring free education and opportunities to everyone.

Sleepless Nights

We simplify everything, and remove all the clutter you might find in complex textbooks and sites. STEMpump just works.

Ancient Information

STEMpump is updated constantly, making sure you have the latest information on whatever. No need to check that website from 1999.

STEAM Content

We've got you covered.

STEAM education is all the rage. On STEMpump, you can find content covering anything you want. We can help you with that test in the morning, or if you wanna make an app in a weekend.

Got questions? Let us know, and we'll help you out.

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Accessible Learning

What if learning was made for...Β everyone?

Everyone learns differently, so why can't the ways we teach be different?


Not everyone learns from just reading. We get it, it can be a bit boring. With quizzes, you can answer both multiple choice and text questions. With projects, you can apply your knowledge in open exercises.

Video/Audio Content

Sometimes, having someone explain the concept visually helps. Our courses have new videos added all the time, allowing you to understand just a little bit easier.

Video and audio content will roll out over time.


Make STEMpump yours with personalization. Contribute to STEMpump content and take advantage to custom features.

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Here are what real students have to say about STEMpump.


...the explanations and lessons are perfect for a person with no experience in coding, you guys rock!




Nice app with easy to read well laid out tutorials. Refreshingly simple layout with a variety of learnng topics.


United Kingdom


This is a stellar educational resource! ...learn anything you want on here that will advance your life, career, and experience.

Kid Axolotl

United States

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Say hello to STEMpump Camps, a free and live online platform for students to explore STEAM.

New camps monthly.
Free to join.
Made for students, by students.

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